Ultimate SQL Editor
For Teams

one tool to tackle all your data and analytic needs.

Comprehensive solution for data management, querying, visualizations ,self-service BI

Team Workspace

Create workspaces for your teams to organize queries, data sources, and reports together in one place.


Supports Multiple Auth Providers such as google,github and many more in future

Access control

Keep your data secure while facilitating collaboration with Role based access.

Multiple Databases

You don 't have switch to multiple editors, Querywise can connenct multiple database providers

Self Hostable

Deploy Querywise on your own infrastructure for complete control and privacy.

AI Powered

Integrated AI tools to boost team productivity

Ultimate Editor

Querywise offers a plethora of features such as auto-save, quick search, query history and version history, auto complete providing a seamless editing experience.


Effortlessly generate and share dynamic dashboards, fostering seamless collaboration within your team.

Query Sheets

In-app spreadsheets for business users. Never lose your Excel skills. Query Sheets is a powerful tool for data analysis and reporting.

Slow Queries

Identify Most time consuming queries

Query Plan Visualizer

Empowering team to optimize and accelerate queries for enhanced performance.

Data Masking
In Roadmap

Advanced Data Masking feature, ensuring data privacy and compliance while maintaining data utility.

Review workflow
In Roadmap

SQL Review Workflow functionality, combined with the convenience of multi-cloud deployment support

Query Variables
In Roadmap

Dynamic and flexible queries by parameterizing values.

Schedule Queries
In Roadmap

Allowing you to effortlessly schedule and execute queries at predefined intervals, ensuring timely and accurate insights

Support Major Databases

Simple, transparent pricing

Our pricing models are designed to be flexible and affordable.


Cloud (Hosted By Querywise)


Include 5 Users, Billed Annually


Cloud (Hosted By Querywise)


Include 30 users


On Premise


Unlimited Users